Histoire, objectivité et scientificité. Jalons pour une reprise du débat épistémologique

  • Nadia Fahmy-Eid


If we consent to rethink the objectives and even the definition of scientific or "objective" knowledge according to the critical rationalism of Karl Popper and his school, we must concede that history is not only a discipline capable ofproducing such knowledge, but that it is a prime starting pointfor otherfields ofthe humanities to rethink, ifnot validate their own. Recause history is in a goodposition to evaluate the explanatory potential of social theories of a given time period, it is an excellent medium for the "refutability" considered by critical rationalism as the primary criteria for genuine scientific knowledge. Today, the history ofwomen isfuelled by a universe ofthought in which the dynamics ofdiscussion and questioning are particularly suited to the principle criteria ofscientific knowledge described in this essay.