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Vol 18, No 35 (1985) Du féodalisme au capitalisme? Essai d'interprétation des analyses marxistes de la Nouvelle-France Abstract   PDF
Matteo Sanfilippo
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) Du projet de reconquête économique à l’idée de managment : un bilan des études consacrées au Movement Desjardins Abstract   PDF
Yvan Rousseau
Vol 39, No 78 (2006) Dube, Saurabh — Stitches on Time: Colonial Textures and Postcolonial Tangles Details   PDF
Adrian Carton
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) Dubinsky, Karen – Babies Without Borders: Adoption and Migration Across the Americas Details   PDF
Leslie J. Reagan
Vol 38, No 75 (2005) Duccini, Hélène — Faire voir, faire croire. L’opinion publique sous Louis XIII Details   PDF
Pascal Bastien
Vol 49, No 100 (2016) Duclert, Vincent – La France face au génocide des Arméniens du milieu du XIXe siècle à nos jours. Une nation impériale et le devoir d’humanité Details   PDF
Geoffrey Grandjean
Vol 47, No 93 (2014) Dufour, Anaïs – Le pouvoir des « dames ». Femmes et pratiques seigneuriales en Normandie (1580-1620) Details   PDF
Benoît Grenier
Vol 38, No 76 (2005) Dufour, Andrée et Micheline Dumont — Brève histoire des institutrices au Québec, de la Nouvelle-France à nos jours Details   PDF
Marie-Claude Thifault
Vol 49, No 98 (2016) Duncan, Robert – Pubs and Patriots: The Drink Crisis in Britain during World War One. Details   PDF
Peter Hynd
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) Durflinger, Serge Marc – Veterans with a Vision: Canada's War Blinded in Peace and War Details   PDF
Brian MacDowall
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) Dyan Elliott - Spiritual Marriage: Sexual Abstinence in Medieval Wedlock Details   PDF
Rhoda L. Friedrichs
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Dyck , Erika − Facing Eugenics: Reproduction. Sterilization and the Politics of Choice. Details   PDF
Philippa Levine
Vol 21, No 42 (1988) Dynamique de croissance et société urbaine : Québec au XVIIIe siècle, 1690-1759 Abstract   PDF
Yvon Desloges, Marc Lafrance
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) Dynamique de la structuration de l'espace agricole : l'exemple de l'Est du Québec des années trente. Abstract   PDF
Oleg Stanek
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) Dziembowski , Edmond – La guerre de Sept Ans, 1756-1763. Details
Michael J. Davis
Vol 32, No 64 (1999) E. A. Heaman — The Inglorious Arts of Peace: Exhibitions in Canadian Society During the Nineteenth Century Details   PDF
Steven High
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) E. A. WRIGLEY and R. S. SCHOFIELD. — The Population History of England 1541-1871. Details   PDF
Ian Gentles
Vol 37, No 73 (2004) E. Anthony Swift — Popular Theater and Society in Tsarist Russia Details   PDF
Heather J. Coleman
Vol 24, No 48 (1991) E. Estyn Evans - Irish Folk Ways. Details   PDF
Mary Helen Thuente
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) E. H. HUNT. — British Labour History 1815-1914. Details   PDF
F. Donnelly
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) E. Patricia Tsurumi - Factory Girls: Women in the Thread Mills of Meiji Japan Details   PDF
Lome Hammond
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) EDWARD BRITTON. — The Community of the Vill. | ALAN MACFARLANE. — The Origins of English Individualism. Details   PDF
R.B. Goheen
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) EDWARD SHORTER. — The Making of the Modern Family. Details   PDF
Christopher Friedrichs
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) ELAINE ALLAN MITCHELL. — Fort Timiskaming and the Fur Trade. Details   PDF
J.S. Milloy
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) ELEY, Geoff, and Jan PALMOWSKI (eds.) — Citizenship and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Germany. Details   PDF
Patryk Polec
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) ELISABETH SCHWARZE. — Soziale Struktur und Besitzverhältvisse der ländlichen Bevölkerung Ostthüringens im 16. Jahrhundert. Details   PDF
Gerhard Benecke
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) ELIZABETH GRAHAM. - Medicine Man to Missionary. Missionaries as Agents of Change among the Indians of Southern Ontario, 1784-1867. | DAVID H. STYMEIST. — Ethnics and Indians. Social Relations in a Northwestern Ontario Town. Details   PDF
Douglas Leighton
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) ELLEN G. FRIEDMAN — Spanish Captives in North Africa in the Early Modern Age. Details   PDF
Charles Jago
Vol 43, No 86 (2010) ELLENZWEIG, Sarah — The Fringes of Belief: English Literature, Ancient Heresy, and the Politics of Freethinking, 1660–1760. Details   PDF
Kenneth Sheppard
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) EMILIA CHICOINE, C.N.D. — La métairie de Marguerite Bourgeoys à la Pointe-Saint-Charles. Details   PDF
Elizabeth Rapley
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) EMMANUEL LEROY LADURIE. — Carnival in Romans, tr. by Mary Feeney. Details   PDF
A. Galpern
Vol 18, No 36 (1986) EMMANUEL LEROY LADURIE — La sorcière de Jasmin. Details   PDF
Gregory Hanlon
Vol 44, No 88 (2011) ENYEART, John — The Quest for “Just and Pure Law”: Rocky Mountain Workers and American Social Democracy, 1870–1924. Details   PDF
David M. Emmons
Vol 24, No 47 (1991) E.R. Forbes - Challenging the Regional Stereotype: Essays on the 20th Century Maritimes Details   PDF
Margaret Conrad
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) ERIC J. HOBSBAWM, ed. — The History of Marxism: Marxism in Marx's Day. Volume One. Details   PDF
Bryan Palmer
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) ERNEST R. FORBES. — The Maritime Rights Movement, 1919-1927: A Study in Canadian Regionalism. Details   PDF
Gerald Friesen
Vol 43, No 85 (2010) ERRINGTON, Elizabeth Jane — Emigrant Worlds and Transatlantic Communities: Migration to Upper Canada in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century. Details   PDF
Anthony Di Mascio
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) Eager Eugenicists: A Reappraisal of the Birth Control Society of Hamilton Abstract   PDF
Catherine Annau
Vol 23, No 46 (1990) Early Stuart Courts Leet: Still Needful and Useful Abstract   PDF
Walter J. King
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) East Coast, West Coast: Using Government Files to Study Immigration History Abstract   PDF
Lisa Chilton, Yukari Takai
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) Eating Across Borders: Reading Immigrant Cookbooks Abstract   PDF
Marlene Epp
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) Eaton , Emily, and Valarie Z ink – Fault Lines: Life and Landscape in Saskatchewan’s Oil Economy. Details
Andrew Watson
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Eaton’s Goes to School: Youth Councils and the Commodification of the Teenaged Consumer at Canada’s Largest Department Store, 1940-1960 Abstract   PDF
Katharine Rollwagen
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) Ecclesiastical Metropolitanism and the Evolution of the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto Abstract   PDF
Murray Nicolson
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) Economic Diversification and Labour Utilization Among the Rural Elite of the British Mid-Atlantic Colonies: A Case Study from the Delaware Valley Abstract   PDF
Thomas Purvis
Vol 14, No 28 (1981) Economic Interests and Lobbying in the Early Weimar Republic: Holtzendorffs Political Salon Abstract   PDF
D. Buse
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) Education and Dutch Society: The Bond van Nederlandse Onderwijzers in the Late Nineteenth Century Abstract   PDF
Erik Hansen, Peter Prosper Jr.
Vol 26, No 52 (1993) Education on the Frontier: Schools, Teachers and Community Influence in North-Central British Columbia Abstract   PDF
Paul J. Stortz, J. Donald Wilson
Vol 19, No 38 (1986) Edward Berenson — Populist Religion and Left-Wing Politics in France 1830-1852. Details   PDF
Charles Rearick
Vol 23, No 46 (1990) Egon F. Kunz - Displaced Persons: Calwell's New Australians Details   PDF
Robert Kubicek
Vol 28, No 55 (1995) Elisabeth Gallat-Morin - Jean Girard, musicien en Nouvelle-France, Bourges, 1696 - Montréal, 1765 Details   PDF
Pierre Germain
Vol 37, No 73 (2004) Elizabeth Faue — Writing the Wrongs: Eva Valesh and the Rise of Labour Journalism Details   PDF
Ian McKay
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) Elizabeth Rapley - The Dévotes: Women and Church in Seventeenth-Century France Details   PDF
Patricia Byrne
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) Ellen Carol DuBois and Vicki L. Ruiz, eds. — Unequal Sisters: A Multi-Cultural Reader in U.S. Women's History Details   PDF
Meryn Stuart, Kimberly Lystar
Vol 32, No 64 (1999) Ellen Meiksins Wood and John Bellamy Foster, eds. — In Defense of History: Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda Details   PDF
Martin Pâquet
Vol 20, No 40 (1987) Ellery Schalk — From Valor to Pedigree. Ideas of Nobility in France in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Details   PDF
Arlette Jouanna
Vol 31, No 62 (1998) Elliott West — Growing Up in Twentieth-Century America Details   PDF
Patrick J. Ryan
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) Elofson , Warren M – So Far and yet So Close: Frontier Cattle Ranching in Western Prairie Canada and the Northern Territory of Australia. Details
Ian MacLachlan
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) Elspeth Graham, Hilary Hinds, Elaine Hobby and Helen Wilcox, eds. - Her Own Life: Autobiographical writings by seventeenth century Englishwomen Details   PDF
Susan D. Amussen
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Elvins, Sarah — Sales & Celebrations: Retailing and Regional Identity in Western New York State, 1920-1940 Details   PDF
Barbara Lorenzkowski
Vol 22, No 44 (1989) Emily Township: Pioneer Persistence to Equality? Abstract   PDF
Peter Russell
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) Empathy and Authority in Oral Testimony: Feminist Debates, Multicultural Mandates, and Reassessing the Interviewer and her “Disagreeable” Subjects Abstract   PDF
Sheyfalic Saujani
Vol 36, No 71 (2003) Encountering Spirits: Evangelical and Holiness Revivals in Victoria, B.C., and the "Colonial Project" Abstract   PDF
Susan Neylan
Vol 35, No 70 (2002) Enda Delaney — Demography, State and Society: Irish Migration to Britain, 1921-1971 Details   PDF
Michael Vance
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) Englebert, Robert, and Guillaume Teasdale (eds.) – French and Indians in the Heart of North America, 1630-1815 Details   PDF
Émilie Pigeon
Vol 38, No 75 (2005) English, Allan D. — Understanding Military Culture: A Canadian Perspective Details   PDF
Desmond Morton
Vol 49, No 99 (2016) Entre l’invention et la réalité : paysage et histoire vivante dans les villages-musées de pionniers au Canada Abstract   PDF
Alan Gordon
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) Entreprises ouvrières et luttes sociales en Andalousie : Implications idéologiques Abstract   PDF
Maxime Haubert
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Epp, Marlene, Franca Iacovetta, and Frances Swyripa (eds.) — Sisters or Strangers? Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History Details   PDF
Robert J. Grace
Vol 32, No 63 (1999) Eric R. Wolf — Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis Details   PDF
Bryan D. Palmer
Vol 26, No 51 (1993) Eric W. Sager with Gerald E. Panting - Maritime Capital. The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914. Details   PDF
Julian Gwyn
Vol 22, No 43 (1989) Eric W. Sager — Seafaring Labour: The Merchant Marine of Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914. Details   PDF
D. Sutherland
Vol 37, No 73 (2004) Errol Lincoln Uys — Riding the Rails: Teenagers on the Move during the Great Depression Details   PDF
Stephen Lassonde
Vol 35, No 69 (2002) Espace public, action collective et savoir social : Robert Gourlay et le Statistical Account of Upper Canada Abstract   PDF
Jean-Guy Prévost
Vol 39, No 78 (2006) Etherington, Norman (ed.) — Missions and Empire Details   PDF
Tolly Bradford
Vol 20, No 40 (1987) European Expectations of Acadia and the Bermudas, 1603-1624 Abstract   PDF
John Reid
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) Evelyn Bemette Ackerman - Health Care in the Parisian Countryside, 1800-1914 Details   PDF
Ann F. La Berge
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) Eviatar Zerubavel — Terra Cognita Details   PDF
Arthur J. Ray
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) Ewen, Geoffrey, et Colin M. Coates (dir.) – Introduction aux études canadiennes. Histoires, identités, cultures Details   PDF
Michèle Lacombe
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Exhibiting a Nation: Canada at the British Empire Exhibition, 1924-1925 Abstract   PDF
Anne Clendinning
Vol 41, No 82 (2008) Experiences of Enslavement in West Central Africa Abstract   PDF
José Curto
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) Expert Knowledge and the Social Imaginary: The Case of the Montreal Check Census Abstract   PDF
Bruce Curtis
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) "Exporting Outcast London": Assisted Emigration to Canada, 1886-1914 Abstract   PDF
Desmond Glynn
Vol 2, No 3 (1969) F. H. JOHNSON. - A Brief History of Canadian Education. | HOWARD ADAMS. - The Education of Canadians, 1800-1867 : The Roots of Separatism. Details   PDF
J. D. Purdy
Vol 42, No 84 (2009) FAHRNI, Magda, and RUTHERDALE, Robert (eds.) — Creating Postwar Canada: Community, Diversity, and Dissent, 1945–1975. Details   PDF
Daniel Macfarlane
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) FAURE, David — Emperor and Ancestor: State and Lineage in South China. Details   PDF
Anne Gerritsen
Vol 44, No 88 (2011) FAUVE-CHAMOUX, Antoinette, and Ochiai, EMIKO (eds.) — The Stem Family in Eurasian Perspective. Revisiting House Societies, 17th–20th centuries. Details   PDF
Marie-Pierre Arrizabalaga
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) FERNAND HARVEY et GILLES HOULE. — Les classes sociales au Canada et au Québec Details   PDF
Fernand Ouellet
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) FERNAND HARVEY. — Révolution industrielle et travailleurs. Une enquête sur les rapports entre le capital et le travail au Québec à la fin du 19e siècle Details   PDF
Marc Vallières
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) FISHER, Susan R. – Boys and Girls in No Man's Land: English-Canadian Children and the First World War Details   PDF
Amy Shaw
Vol 43, No 85 (2010) FLEMING, R. B., ed. — The Wartime Letters of Leslie and Cecil Frost 1915–1919. Details   PDF
Serge Durflinger
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) FLYNN, Karen – Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora Details   PDF
Claudine Bonner
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) FOLLAIN, Antoine — Le village sous l’Ancien Régime Details   PDF
Sylvie Perrier
Vol 40, No 80 (2007) FOX-GENOVESE, Elizabeth, and Eugene D. GENOVESE — The Mind of the Master Class: History and Faith in the Southern Slaveholders’ Worldview Details   PDF
Hal Goldman
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) FRANCES G. HALPENNY et JEAN HAMELIN (sous la direction de) — Dictionnaire biographique du Canada. Volume XI: De 1881 à 1890 Details   PDF
Jean-Pierre Charland
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) FRANCES HALPENNY and JEAN HAMELIN, eds .—Dictionary of Canadian Biography. Volume V: 1801-1820. Details   PDF
Douglas McCalla
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) FRANCES HENRY — Victims and Neighbors: Small Town in Nazi Germany Remembered. Details   PDF
David Karel
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) FRANCES J. SHAW. — The Northern and Western Islands of Scotland: their Economy and Society in the Seventeenth Century. Details   PDF
R. Houston
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) FRANCIS JENNINGS — The Ambiguous Iroquois Empire: The Covenant Chain Confederation of Indian Tribes with English Colonies from its Beginnings to the Lancaster Treaty of 1744. Details   PDF
Bruce Trigger
Vol 3, No 5 (1970) FRANK W. PEERS. - The Politics of Canadian Broadcasting, 1920-1951. Details   PDF
H. Blair Neatby
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