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Vol 32, No 64 (1999) The Abortion Wars: The Scholarly Front Details   PDF
Keith Cassidy
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) The Agrarian Struggle Rural Communism in Alberta and Saskatchewan 1926-1935 Abstract   PDF
David Monod
Vol 7, No 14 (1974) The Aristocracy of the English Working Class: Help for An Historical Debate in Difficulties Details
Michael Piva
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) The Battle Between Carnival and Lent: Temperance and Repeal in Ireland, 1829-1845 Abstract   PDF
George Bretherton
Vol 43, No 85 (2010) The Battle over the Employment of Waitresses in Beijing, China, during the 1930s Abstract   PDF
Shiling McQuaide
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) The Baughman Boycott and its Effect on the Richmond, Virginia Labour Movement, 1886-1888 Details   PDF
Joseph Carvalho III
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) The Bildungsbürgertum and the Learned Professions in Prussia, 1770-1830: The Origins of a Class Details   PDF
R. Steven Turner
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) The Black Population of Canada West on the Eve of the American Civil War: A Reassessment Based on the Manuscript Census of 1861 Abstract   PDF
Michael Wayne
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) The Bohemian Census of 1651 and the Position of Inmates Abstract   PDF
Sheilagh C. Ogilvie, Marcus Cerman
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) "The Bonds of Unity": A Comment Abstract   PDF
Michael Piva
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) "The Bonds of Unity": Some Further Reflections Abstract   PDF
Gregory Kealey, Bryan Palmer
Vol 14, No 28 (1981) The Bonds of Unity: The Knights of Labor in Ontario, 1880-1900 Abstract   PDF
Gregory Kealey, Bryan Palmer
Vol 6, No 11 (1973) The British Charity Commission and the Cy-près Doctrine, 1853-94. A Study in the Decline of Reforming Zeal Details
S. R. Mealing
Vol 8, No 16 (1975) The British Protestant Missionaries of Madagascar, 1861-1895 Details
Bonar A. Gow
Vol 44, No 87 (2011) The Bruce Report and Social Welfare Leadership in the Politics of Toronto’s “Slums”, 1934–1939 Abstract   PDF
Ryan George
Vol 38, No 75 (2005) The Bureaucratization of Moral Regulation: The LCBO and (not so) Standard Hotel Licensing in Niagara, 1927–1944 Abstract   PDF
Dan Malleck
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) The Canadian Birth Control Movement on Trial, 1936-1937 Abstract   PDF
Dianne Dodd
Vol 35, No 70 (2002) The Challenge of the Irish Catholic Community in Nineteenth-Century Montreal Abstract   PDF
Sherry Olson, Patricia Thornton
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) The City Remodelled: The Limits of Automotive Industry Leadership in Detroit, 1910-1929 Details   PDF
Donald F. Davis
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) The Class Struggle and The House of Commons: The Parliamentary Response to the London Riots of 1886 Abstract   PDF
W. Lubenow
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) The Conflagration and the City: Disaster and Progress in British North America during the Nineteenth Century Details   PDF
Peter de Lottinville, John C. Weaver
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) The Cost of Living in Canada in 1870 Details   PDF
J.G. Snell
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) The Course of Medical Opinion on State Health Insurance in British Columbia, 1919-1939 Abstract   PDF
Margaret Andrews
Vol 29, No 58 (1996) The Craftsmen's Spectacle: Labour Day Parades in Canada, the Early Years Abstract   PDF
Craig Heron, Steve Penfold
Vol 49, No 99 (2016) The David Thompson Memorial Fort: An Early Outpost of Historically Themed Tourism in Western Canada Abstract   PDF
Ben Bradley
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) The Dawning of a New Era? Women's Work in England and Wa1es at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Abstract   PDF
Eilidh M. Garrett
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) The Decline of Women in Canadian Dairying Abstract   PDF
Marjorie Griffin Cohen
Vol 18, No 36 (1986) The Distribution of Wealth In Late Eighteenth-Century New York City Abstract   PDF
Herbert Klein, Edmund Willis
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) The Duel in the History of Masculinity Details   PDF
W. Scott Haine
Vol 9, No 17 (1976) The Duncombe Rising, Its Aftermath, Anti-Americanism, and Sectarianism Details
Colin Read
Vol 44, No 87 (2011) The Eaton’s Santa Claus Parade and the Making of a Metropolitan Spectacle, 1905–1982 Abstract   PDF
Steve Penfold
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) The Economies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Review Details   PDF
Julian Gwyn
Vol 20, No 40 (1987) The Economy of Colonial America: A Critical Note on the Real Per Capita Income Estimates Abstract   PDF
Morris Altman
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) The Efficiency of Quebec Farmers in 1851 Abstract   PDF
Robert Armstrong
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) The Emergence of Naturopathy in Two Canadian Provinces: British Columbia and Ontario, 1920-1970 Abstract   PDF
Tracey L. Adams, Nicole Etherington
Vol 44, No 88 (2011) The End of the Asylum (Town): Community responses to the depopulation and closure of the Saskatchewan Hospital, Weyburn Abstract   PDF
Chris Dooley
Vol 11, No 22 (1978) The English Movement for Family Allowances, 1917-1945 Details   PDF
Jane Lewis
Vol 11, No 21 (1978) The Evolution of Organized Physical Recreation in Montreal, 1840-1895 Details   PDF
Alan Metcalfe
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) The Evolution of the Sexual Division of Labour in Teaching: A Nineteenth-Century Ontario and Quebec Case Study Abstract
Marta Danylewycz, Beth Light, Alison Prentice
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) The Evolution of the Sexual Division of Labour in Teaching: A Nineteenth-Century Ontario and Quebec Case Study Abstract   PDF
Marta Danylewycz, Beth Light, Alison Prentice
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) "The Famous Township of Hull": Image and Aspirations of a Pioneer Quebec Community Details   PDF
Bruce S. Elliott
Vol 8, No 15 (1975) The Feminization of Teaching in British North America and Canada 1845-1875 Details
Alison Prentice
Vol 49, No 98 (2016) The Fight for Bourgeois Law in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1749-1753 Abstract   PDF
James Muir
Vol 23, No 45 (1990) "The Fight of My Life" : Alfred Fitzpatrick and Frontier College's Extramural Degree for Working People Abstract   PDF
George L. Cook, with Marjorie Robinson
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) The Free Men of Colour and the Revolution in Saint Domingue, 1789-1792 Abstract   PDF
Robert Stein
Vol 5, No 10 (1972) The French Canadians and the Schools of the Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning, 1820-1829 Details
Real G. Boulianne
Vol 31, No 62 (1998) The Gender Politics of Criminal Insanity: "Order-in-Council" Women in British Columbia, 1888-1950 Abstract   PDF
Robert Menzies, Dorothy E. Chunn
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) The Geographical Origins and Destinations of Medical Graduates in Quebec, 1834-1939 Abstract   PDF
George Weisz
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) The Golden Age: Acadian Life, 1713-1748 Abstract   PDF
Naomi Griffiths
Vol 46, No 91 (2013) The Great Canadian Machine Gun Mania of 1915: The Public, the Press, and Government Decision Making in Procuring Machine Guns for the Canadian Expeditionary Force Abstract   PDF
Cameron Pulsifer
Vol 19, No 38 (1986) The Great Canadian Peritonitis Debate 1844-47 Abstract   PDF
Jacalyn Duffin
Vol 40, No 80 (2007) The Harsh Welcome of an Industrial City: Immigrant Women in Montreal, 1880–1900 Abstract   PDF
Danielle Gavreau, Sherry Olson, Patricia Thornton
Vol 25, No 50 (1992) The Haven, 1878-1930: A Toronto Charity's Transition from a Religious to a Professional Ethos Abstract   PDF
John R. Graham
Vol 33, No 65 (2000) The Historian and the Theorist Revisited Details   PDF
Adele Perry
Vol 7, No 13 (1974) The Historian's Approach to Canada's Urban Past Details
Gilbert A. Stelter
Vol 8, No 15 (1975) The Historiographer in Computerland: A review Article Details
D. I. Pool
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) The History of Canadian Business: A Reply Details   PDF
R. Naylor
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) The History of Canadian Business: Reviewer's Response Details   PDF
Michael Bliss
Vol 4, No 8 (1971) The History of Canadian Education: A Bibliographical Note Details
Alan H. Child
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) The Impact of the Sales of Confiscated Land on English Society during the Revolution, 1647-1660 Details   PDF
Ian Gentles
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) The Importance of Boarding for the Structure of the Household in the Nineteenth Century: Moncton, New Brunswick, and Hamilton, Canada West Details   PDF
Sheva Medjuck
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) The Jews' Search for Zugehörigkeit in Austria up to 1938 Abstract   PDF
Albert Lichtblau
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) The Kingston, Ontario Penitentiary and Moral Architecture Details   PDF
C.J. Taylor
Vol 30, No 59 (1997) The Land Records of Old Ontario, 1791-1867 Abstract   PDF
Colin Read
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) The Law of the Land Rural Debt and Private Land Transfer in Upper Canada, 1841-1867 Abstract   PDF
Daniel Bilak
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) The Letters, Memories, and “Truths” of Finnish North Americans in Soviet Karelia Abstract   PDF
Samira Saramo
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) The "Loyalist" Economy of Upper Canada, 1784-1806 Abstract   PDF
Douglas McCalla
Vol 49, No 99 (2016) The Maximum of Mishap: Adventurous Tourists and the State in the Northwest Territories, 1926-1948 Abstract   PDF
Tina Adcock
Vol 48, No 97 (2015) The Merchant Triangle in Transition: Managing the Cod Fishery from Eastern Harbor, Cape Breton, in 1891 Abstract   PDF
Robert Campbell
Vol 8, No 16 (1975) The Merchants of Montreal at the Conquest: Socio-Economic Profile Details
José E. Igartua
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) The Migration of British Ex-Servicemen to Canada and the Role of the Naval and Military Emigration League. 1899-1914 Abstract   PDF
Kent Fedorowich
Vol 43, No 85 (2010) The Nanaimo and Charles Camsell Indian Hospitals: First Nations’ Narratives of Health Care, 1945 to 1965 Abstract   PDF
Laurie Meijer Drees
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) The Nation's Mission: Social Movements and Nation-Building in the United States Abstract   PDF
Lori D. Ginzberg
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) The Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat between Two Wars: Revolutionary Syndicalism in the Netherlands, 1919-1940 Abstract   PDF
Erik Hansen, Peter Prosper
Vol 9, No 18 (1976) The Nationalist Movements of the Austrian Slavs in 1848: A Comparative Sociological Profile Details
Stanley Z. Pech
Vol 22, No 44 (1989) The Necessity of Sacrifice for the Nation at War: Women's Labour Force Participation, 1939-1946 Abstract   PDF
Diane Forestell
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) The Nederlands Verbond van Vakverenigingen: The Labour Movement in The Netherlands, 1905-1914 Details   PDF
Erik Hansen, Peter Prosper
Vol 6, No 12 (1973) The Neglected Majority: The Changing Role of Women in 19th Century Montreal Details
D. Suzanne Cross
Vol 4, No 7 (1971) The Nineteenth-Century Almshouse System in Saint John County Details
James M. Whalen
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) The Other Louisbourg: Trade and Merchant Enterprise in Ile Royale 1713-58 Details   PDF
Christopher Moore
Vol 26, No 51 (1993) "The Outlook for Old Age Is Not Hopeful" : The Struggle of Female Teachers over Pensions in Quebec 1880-1914 Abstract   PDF
Ruby Heap, Alison Prentice
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) The Paris Business World and the Seaports Under Louis XV | Speculators in Marine Insurance, Naval Finances and Trade Details   PDF
J.F. Bosher
Vol 11, No 21 (1978) The Parish and French Canadian Migrants to Compton County, Quebec, 1851-1891. Details   PDF
J.I. Little
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) The Patriots and the People Details   PDF
Fernand Ouellet
Vol 11, No 22 (1978) The Pattern of Literacy in Quebec, 1745-1899 Details   PDF
Allan Greer
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) The Pitch of Empire Details   PDF
Philip Janzen
Vol 25, No 50 (1992) The Police as a Social Service in Early Twentieth-Century Toronto Abstract   PDF
Greg Marquis
Vol 6, No 12 (1973) The "Private Army" of the Tax Farms: The Men and their Origins Details
Earl E. Robisheaux
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) The Problem of Diphtheria in the Province of Quebec: 1894-1909 Abstract   PDF
Catherine Braithwaite, Peter Keating, Sandi Viger
Vol 4, No 7 (1971) The Problem of a Double Minority: Some Reflections on the Development of the English-speaking Catholic Church in Canada in the Nineteenth Century Details
John R. Moir
Vol 34, No 68 (2001) The Professionals and the Public: Responses to Canada: A People's History Details   PDF
Gene Allen
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) The Promise and Problems of Quantitative Evidence in Canadian History Details   PDF
Kris Inwood
Vol 46, No 91 (2013) The Protestants of Loudun: The Fragile Existence of a Religious Minority in Seventeenth-Century France (1598-1685) Abstract   PDF
Edwin Bezzina
Vol 40, No 80 (2007) The Public, the Private, and Feminist Historiography Details   PDF
Rachel Weil
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) The Reichstag Fire and the Politics of History Details   PDF
Eli Nathans
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) The Relevance of Social Science Standards of Data Base Availability for Social History Details   PDF
Gordon Darroch
Vol 6, No 12 (1973) The Religious side of Victorian Bath, 1830-1870 Details
Paul T. Phillips
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) The Remarkable Rev. Thaddeus Osgood: A Study in the Evangelical Spirit in the Canadas Details   PDF
W. Millar
Vol 28, No 56 (1995) The Representation of Industry in the Canadian Census, 1871-1891 Abstract   PDF
Kris Inwood
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) The Response to Poverty in Three English Towns, 1560-1640: A Comparative Approach Abstract   PDF
Thorold John Tronrud
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