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Vol 47, No 95 (2014) La réunion électorale au service des républicains français dans le dernier tiers du XIX e siècle Abstract   PDF (Français (Canada))
Paula Cossart
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Revivre la conquête Details   PDF (Français (Canada))
Éric Bédard
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Dolan , Claire – Délibérer à Toulouse au XVIII e siècle. Les procureurs au parlement. Paris: Éditions du CTHS, 2013. Pp 340. Details   PDF (Français (Canada))
Jeremy Hayhoe
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Jeanneney , Jean-Noël − La Grande Guerre, si loin, si proche. Réflexions sur un centenaire. Details   PDF (Français (Canada))
Serge Jaumain
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Majerus , Benoît − Parmi les fous. Une histoire sociale de la psychiatrie au XX e siècle. Details   PDF (Français (Canada))
Alexandre Klein
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Mathieu , Jacques et Sophie Imbeault − La guerre des Canadiens 1756-1763. Details   PDF (Français (Canada))
Thomas Wein
Vol 50, No 102 (2017) Pelz, William A. – A People's History of Modern Europe. Details
Monica Martinat
Vol 50, No 102 (2017) Pepin, Guilhem, Françoise Laine et Frédéric Boutoulle (dir.) – Routiers et mercenaires pendant la guerre de Cent ans. Details
Xavier Hélary
Vol 50, No 102 (2017) Rotman, Youval – Insanity and Sanctity in Byzantium. The Ambiguity of Religious Experience. Details
Vincent Déroche
Vol 50, No 102 (2017) Gaudreau, Guy, Sophie Blais et Kevin Auger – Mine, travail et société à Kirkland Lake. Details
Robert Tremblay
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Details
Barbara Lorenzkowski, Steven High
Vol 36, No 71 (2003) Details
Nancy Christie, Michael Gauvreau
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) Details
Christiane Harzig, Dirk Hoerder, Adrian Shubert
Vol 29, No 58 (1996) Details
Nicholas Rogers, Adrian Shubert
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) Details   PDF
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) Details   PDF
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Magnuson, Robert P. — The Two Worlds of Quebec Education During the Traditional Era, 1760-1940 Details   PDF
Anthony Di Mascio
Vol 36, No 72 (2003) Robert Adamoski, Dorothy E. Chunn, and Robert Menzies, eds. — Contesting Canadian Citizenship: Historical Readings Details   PDF
Patricia E. Roy
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Street, Richard Steven — Beasts of the Field: A Narrative History of California Farmworkers, 1769-1913 Details   PDF
Benny Andrés, Jr.
Vol 21, No 41 (1988) ''A kitchen that wastes no steps...'': Gender, Class and the Home Improvement Plan, 1936-40 Abstract   PDF
Margaret Hobbs, Ruth Roach Pierson
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) ''Good for all he would ask'' : Credit and Debt in the Transition to Industrial Capitalism — The Case of Mid-nineteenth Century Brantford, Ontario Abstract   PDF
David Burley
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) ''The Nurture and Admonition of the Lord'': Nineteenth-Century Canadian Methodism's Response to "Childhood" Abstract   PDF
Neil Semple
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) ''The White Life for two'': The Defence of Marriage and Sexual Morality in Canada, 1890-1914 Abstract   PDF
James Snell
Vol 46, No 91 (2013) 250 ans de suicides au Québec Les fondations d’une recherche dans les Archives du coroner Abstract   PDF
Patrice Corriveau, André Cellard
Vol 47, No 93 (2014) L’Histoire du Québec pour les nuls : Au cœur d’un questionnement historiographique / Understanding the Historiographical Debate Details   PDF
Jean-Philippe Croteau
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) A. C. Buchanan and the Megantic Experiment: Promoting British Colonization in Lower Canada Abstract   PDF
J. I. Little
Vol 32, No 64 (1999) "A Cold-Blooded Effort to Bolster Up the Legal Profession": The Battle Between Lawyers and Notaries in British Columbia, 1871-1930 Abstract   PDF
Joan Brockman
Vol 34, No 67 (2001) A Crime "Shrouded in Mystery": State, Church, and Community in the Kinnear's Mills Post Office Case, 1899-1905 Abstract   PDF
J. I. Little
Vol 39, No 78 (2006) A Culture in Continuity: Master-Man Mutualism in Hamilton, Ontario, During Early Industrialization Abstract   PDF
Robert L. Kristofferson
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) A Current Bibliography on the History of Canadian Abstract   PDF
Yves Landry
Vol 23, No 46 (1990) A Current Bibliography on the History of Canadian Population and Historical Demography in Canada. 1989 Abstract   PDF
Yves Landry
Vol 25, No 50 (1992) A Current Bibliography on the History of Canadian Population and Historical Demography in Canada, 1991 Abstract   PDF
Yves Landry
Vol 26, No 52 (1993) A Current Bibliography on the History of Canadian Population Abstract   PDF
Yves Landry
Vol 47, No 93 (2014) A Debt to the Dead? Ethics, Photography, History, and the Study of Freakery Abstract   PDF
Jane Nicholas
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) A. E. DINGLE. — The Campaign for Prohibition in Victorian England: The United Kingdom Alliance, 1872-1895. | BARBARA LESLIE EPSTEIN. — The Politics of Domesticity: Women, Evangelism, and Temperance in Nineteenth-Century America. Details   PDF
Norman Clark
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) A Farewell to Childhood Details
J.-Guy Lalande
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) A Farewell to Childhood Details   PDF
J.-Guy Lalande
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) A Few Fabulous Fragments: Historical Methods in James P. Howley’s The Beothucks Abstract
Jeff A. Webb
Vol 44, No 88 (2011) A House Divided: Deinstitutionalization, Medicare and the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatchewan, 1944–1964 Abstract   PDF
Gregory P. Marchildon
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) A. JAMES HAMMERTON. — Emigrant Gentlewomen: Genteel Poverty and Female Emigration, 1830-1914. Details   PDF
Marilyn Barber
Vol 32, No 63 (1999) A. James Hammerton — Cruelty and Companionship: Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Married Life Details   PDF
Joy Dixon
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) A. L. STINCHCOMBE. — Theoretical Methods in Social History. Details   PDF
William H. Dray
Vol 11, No 21 (1978) A Live Vaccine | The YMCA and Male Adolescence in the United States and Canada 1870-1920 Details   PDF
David Macleod
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) "A Medical Cromwell to Depose King Alcohol": Medical Scientists, Temperance Reformers, and the Alcohol Problem in Britain Abstract   PDF
Joanne Woiak
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) A Medical Debate in Nineteenth-Century English Canada: Ovariotomies Abstract   PDF
Wendy Mitchinson
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) A New Measure of the Rental Cost of Housing in the Toronto Market, 1890-1914 Abstract   PDF
Edward Chambers
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) A. P. DONAJGRODZKI , ed. — Social Control in Nineteenth Century Britain. Details   PDF
Peter Bailey
Vol 36, No 71 (2003) A People's Religion: P. W. Philpott and the Hamilton Christian Workers' Church Abstract   PDF
Kenneth L. Draper
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) A Québec Merchant's Trading Circles in France and Canada: Jean-André Lamaletie before 1763 Details   PDF
J. Bosher
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) A. ROSS MCCORMACK. — Reformers. Rebels, and Revolutionaries: The Western Canadian Radical Movement, 1899-1919. Details   PDF
Norman Ward
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) A Reappraisal of the New England Labour-Reform Movement of the 1840s: The Lowell Female Labor Reform Association and the New England Workingmen's Association Details   PDF
Frances H. Early
Vol 34, No 68 (2001) A Response to Women and Business in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Northwestern Europe Details   PDF
Merry Wiesner-Hanks
Vol 38, No 76 (2005) A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma: Bi-modal Fertility Dynamics and Family Life in French-Canadian Quebec Abstract   PDF
David Levine, Julie Savoie
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) A Round Table on Luke Clossey’s Salvation and Globalization in the Early Jesuit Missions Details   PDF
Brandon Marriott, Karin Vélez, Kenneth Mills, Luke Clossey
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) A. SOBOUL, G. LEMARCHAND and M. FOGEL. — Le Siècle des Lumières, tome I: L'Essor (1715-1750). Details   PDF
J.F. Bosher
Vol 37, No 73 (2004) A Selection from Mexican Studies Details   PDF
Timothy E. Anna
Vol 1, No 1 (1968) A Study in the Historical Demography of a Loyalist County Details   PDF
T. W. Acheson
Vol 21, No 42 (1988) A Study of Census Manuscript Data for Central Ontario, 1861-1871 ; Reflections on a Project and on Historical Archives Details   PDF
Gordon Darroch
Vol 41, No 82 (2008) A Voice of Presence: Inuit Contributions toward the Public Provision of Health Care in Canada, 1900–1930 Abstract   PDF
Paule McNicoll, Frank James Tester
Vol 47, No 94 (2014) A War Within a War: Canadian Reactions to D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation Abstract   PDF
Greg Marquis
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) A Woman's Life in the Court of the Sun King: The Letters of Liselotte von der Pfalz, 1652-1720. Details   PDF
Elizabeth Rapley
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) "A choke of emotion, a great heart-leap": English-Canadian Tourists in Britain, 1880s-1914 Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Morgan
Vol 21, No 41 (1988) A.B. McKillop — Contours of Canadian Thought. Details   PDF
J. Miller
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) ADAMS, Mary Louise – Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity, and the Limits of Sport Details   PDF
Russell Field
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) A.J.B. JOHNSTON — Religion in Life at Louisbourg, 1713-1758. Details   PDF
Christopher Moore
Vol 20, No 40 (1987) A.K. McDougall — John F. Robarts: His Life and Government. Details   PDF
Reg Whitaker
Vol 19, No 38 (1986) A.L. Beier — Masterless Men, the Vagrancy Problem in England, 1560-1640. Details   PDF
Robert Tittler
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) ALAIN CABANTOUS — La vergue et les fers : mutins et déserteurs dans la marine de l'ancienne France Details   PDF
Laurier Turgeon
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) ALAIN COLLOMP — La Maison du père. Famille et village en Haute-Provence aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles Details   PDF
Michel Hébert
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) ALAN F. J. ARTIBISE and GILBERT A. STELTER, eds. — The Usable Urban Past: Planning and Politics in the Modern Canadian City. | ALAN F. J. ARTIBISE and GILBERT STELTER. — Canada's Urban Past. A Bibliography to 1980 and Guide to Canadian Urban Studies. Details   PDF
Peter Goheen
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) ALAN R. EAGER. — A Guide to Irish Bibliographical Material: A Bibliography of Irish Bibliographies and Sources of Information. Details   PDF
John Blackwell
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) ALFRED PERRENOUD. — La population de Genève du seizième au début du dix-neuvième siècle. Étude démographique. Tome premier: Structures et mouvements Details   PDF
Victor Piché
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) ALICE HANSON JONES. — Wealth of a Nation To Be: The American Colonies on the Eve of the Revolution. Details   PDF
Joseph Ernst
Vol 11, No 21 (1978) ALISON PRENTICE. — The School Promoters : Education and Social Class in Mid-Nineteenth Century Upper Canada. Details   PDF
Michael Piva
Vol 42, No 84 (2009) ALVAH, Donna — Unofficial Ambassadors: American Military Families Overseas and the Cold War, 1946–1965. Details   PDF
Maurice M. Labelle
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) ANDREW CHARLESWORTH, ed. — An Atlas of Rural Protest in Britain: 1548-1900. Details   PDF
David Mulder
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) ANDRÉ CORVISIER et coll. — L'Europe à la fin du XVIIIe siècle. Vers 1780-1802. Scandinavie, Empire russe et Empire ottoman exclus Details   PDF
Hubert Watelet
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) ANDRÉ CORVISIER. — Armies and Societies in Europe, 1494-1789. Details   PDF
Tomas M. Barker
Vol 18, No 36 (1986) ANN GORMAN CONDON — The Envy of the American States: The Loyalist Dream for New Brunswick. Details   PDF
Christopher Moore
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) ANN KUSSMAUL. — Servants in Husbandry in Early Modern England. Details   PDF
Pauline Frost
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) ANNE-LOUISE SHAPIRO — Housing the Poor of Paris, 1850-1902. Details   PDF
Sandra Horvath-Peterson
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) ANTOINE SYLVÈRE. — Toinou, le cri d'un enfant auvergnat. Details   PDF
E. Fitzgerald
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) ARNOLD TOYNBEE. — Mankind and Mother Earth. A Narrative History of the World. Details   PDF
Colin Wells
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) ARTHUR COCKERILL — Sons of the Brave: The Story of Boy Soldiers. Details   PDF
Patricia Morton
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) ARTHUR E. IMHOF. — Die gewonnenen Jahre: Von der Zunahme unserer Lebensspanne seit dreihundert Jahren oder von der Notwendigkeit einer neuen Einstellung zu Leben und Sterben. Details   PDF
Steve Hochstadt
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) ARTHUR J. RAY and DONALD B. FREEMAN. — 'Give Us Good Measure': An Economic Analysis of Relations between the Indians and the Hudson's Bay Company before 1763. Details   PDF
John J. McCusker
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) ATKINSON, Michael – Deconstructing Men & Masculinities Details   PDF
Jeffrey Montez de Oca
Vol 45, No 90 (2012) AZOULAY, Dan – Hearts and Minds: Canadian Romance at the Dawn of the Modern Era, 1900-1930 Details   PDF
Lori Chambers
Vol 50, No 101 (2017) Abbott , Frank A. – The Body or the Soul? Religion and Culture in a Quebec Parish, 1736-1901. Details
René Hardy
Vol 21, No 42 (1988) Abraham Ascher — The Revolution of 1905: Russia in Disarray. Details   PDF
Gary Hanson
Vol 3, No 6 (1970) Acadian Emigration to Ile Royale After the Conquest of Acadia Details   PDF
Bernard Pothier
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) Accounting for Violence at the Victoria Industrial School Abstract   PDF
Bryan Hogeveen
Vol 24, No 48 (1991) Adam Bunnell - Before Infallibility: Liberal Catholicism in Biedermeier Vienna. Details   PDF
John Zeender
Vol 20, No 40 (1987) Addendum on the Living Standards of Toronto Blue Collar Workers in the 1900-1914 Era Abstract   PDF
Edward Chambers
Vol 46, No 91 (2013) Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities and Residential Schools, 1942-1952 Abstract   PDF
Ian Mosby
Vol 24, No 47 (1991) Adrian Rifkin and Roger Thomas, eds - Voices of the People. Politics and Life of 'La Sociale' at the End of the Second Empire Details   PDF
Steven C. Hause
Vol 26, No 51 (1993) Adrian Shubert - A social History of Modern Spain. Details   PDF
Joan Connelly Ullman
Vol 25, No 50 (1992) Age-Parity and Marital Status Compositional Influences on the Maternal Mortality Rate in Canada, 1930-1969: A Regional Comparison Abstract   PDF
George Emery
Vol 18, No 36 (1986) Agricultural Progress in Canada East/Quebec: Problems in Measuring Relative Productivity during the Grain-Dairy Transition Period. Abstract   PDF
J. Little
Vol 22, No 44 (1989) Aileen Ribeiro - Fashion in the French Revolution. Details   PDF
Whitney Walton
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