Checklist for papers submitted to Histoire sociale / Social History

• Submit all contributions in Microsoft Word format to Please name the file in the following format: Short-title, date of submission (year, month, day). E.g. Pigs, cows and boarders 1984.07.31.

• Submissions of articles and research notes should include a 100-word summary/abstract. Please include this abstract on the first page of your article, under the title, as well as in your cover email.

• Your cover email should include your name, article title, 100-word abstract, institutional affiliation and full contact information.

• All texts should be :

o double-spaced;
o use a 12-point font;
o employ italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses).

• Figures, graphs, tables and low-resolution versions of all illustrations should be placed within the text at the appropriate points, when possible. High-resolution illustrations will be requested after the peer-review process.

• Footnotes should be inserted in the text and appear at the bottom of the page, not at the end of the submission.

• Articles are not to exceed 11,000 words in English and 12,000 words in French (excluding footnotes, graphs and tables). Research notes are shorter documents that focus on preliminary research results or that propose a well-articulated reflection on a specific question.

• All submissions must be free of any personal identifiers. Ensure that authors' names have been deleted everywhere. Remove your name from the document’s Properties. Watch especially for entries such as “draws from my thesis,” “my earlier work on,” etc.

• Please confirm that you have not submitted or published this article, one very similar elsewhere or in a published monograph or edited collection in English, French or any other language.