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Vol 39, No 78 (2006) Clark, Elizabeth A. — History, Theory, Text: Historians and the Linguistic Turn Details   PDF
Daniel Rosenberg
Vol 48, No 97 (2015) Clarke, Patrick D. (dir.) – Clio en Acadie : réflexions historiques, Québec, Presses de l’Université Laval, 2014, 272 p. Details   PDF
Gregory Kennedy
Vol 44, No 88 (2011) Class, Activism and History: Two New Books on the Sixties Details   PDF
Doug Owram
Vol 43, No 86 (2010) Class, Capitalism, and Construction: Winnipeg’s Housing Crisis and the Debate over Public Housing, 1934–1939 Abstract   PDF
Stefan Epp
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) Class vs. Nation, Class and the Nation, Between Class and Nation? Labour's Response to the National Question c.1870-1939, with Special Reference to Britain and Germany Abstract   PDF
Stefan Berger
Vol 46, No 91 (2013) Classen, Constance – The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch Details   PDF
Sara Spike
Vol 32, No 63 (1999) Claude Beauregard — Guerre et censure au Canada, 1939–1945 Details   PDF
Desmond Morton
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) Claude Pronovost — La bourgeoisie marchande en milieu rural (1720-1840) Details   PDF
Sylvie Dépatie
Vol 26, No 52 (1993) Clay Ramsay - The Ideology of the Great Fear. The Soissonnais in 1789 Details   PDF
David M. Klinck
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) Cliche, Marie-Aimée – Fous, ivres ou méchants? Les parents meurtriers au Québec, 1775-1965 Details   PDF
Pascale Quincy-Lefebvre
Vol 21, No 42 (1988) Clifford Geertz — Works and Lives: The Anthropologist as Author. Details   PDF
David Howes
Vol 26, No 51 (1993) Clive Behagg - Politics and Production in the Early Nineteenth Century. | William F. Hartford - Working People of Holyoke. Class and Ethnicity in a Massachusetts Mill Town, 1850-1960. | ... Details
Lorne Hammond
Vol 26, No 51 (1993) Clive Behagg - Politics and Production in the Early Nineteenth Century. | William F. Hartford - Working People of Holyoke. Class and Ethnicity in a Massachusetts Mill Town, 1850-1960. | ... Details   PDF
Lorne Hammond
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) Closing Down Local Hospitals in Seventeenth-Century France: The Mount Carmel and St Lazare Reform Movement Abstract   PDF
Daniel Hickey
Vol 34, No 68 (2001) Colin A. Coates — The Metamorphoses of Landscape and Community in Early Quebec Details   PDF
Christian Dessureault
Vol 27, No 54 (1994) Colin Howell and Richard Twomey - Jack Tar in History: Essays in the History of Maritime Life and Labour Details   PDF
Lisa M. Sullivan
Vol 29, No 58 (1996) Colin Jones — The Cambridge Illustrated History of France Details   PDF
Patrick J. Harrigan
Vol 36, No 71 (2003) Colin M. Coates and Cecilia Morgan — Heroines and History: Representations of Madeleine de Verchères and Laura Secord Details   PDF
Jonathan F. Vance
Vol 25, No 50 (1992) Colonisation et commerce des produits forestiers: l'exemple du canton Bagot au Saguenay au milieu du XIXe siècle Abstract   PDF
Jean Martin
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) Colonization and Municipal Reform in Canada East Abstract   PDF
J. Little
Vol 38, No 75 (2005) Como, David — Blown by the Spirit: Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil-War England Details   PDF
Michael Graham
Vol 14, No 27 (1981) Company Town/Labour Town: Local Government in the Cape Breton Coal Towns, 1917-1926 Abstract   PDF
David Frank
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) Competing Cosmologies: Reading Migration and Identity in an Ethno-religious Newspaper Abstract   PDF
Royden Loewen
Vol 48, No 96 (2015) Confino, Alon – A World without Jews: The Nazi Imagination from Persecution to Genocide. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014. Pp. 296. Details   PDF
Hernan Tesler-Mabé
Vol 49, No 98 (2016) Conrad, Margaret et al. – Canadians and Their Pasts. Details   PDF
Stéphane Lévesque
Vol 30, No 59 (1997) Conservation, Science and Canada's Fur Farming Industry, 1913-1945 Abstract   PDF
George Colpitts
Vol 23, No 45 (1990) Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency : un modèle de gestion de l'environnement venu d'Europe? Abstract   PDF
Michel F. Girard
Vol 47, No 93 (2014) Conservative Consumerism: Consumer Advocacy in Woman’s Century Magazine During and After World War I Abstract   PDF
Donica Belisle
Vol 19, No 38 (1986) Considering government and business in the Canadian political economy Details   PDF
Foster Griezic
Vol 29, No 57 (1996) Constance Backhouse and David Flaherty, eds. — Challenging Times: The Women's Movement in Canada and the United States Details   PDF
Joanne Wright
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) Constance Backhouse — Colour-Coded: A Legal History of Racism in Canada, 1900-1950 Details   PDF
Geoffrey Ewen
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) Contribution à l'histoire comparée: les colporteurs belges et québécois au XIXe siècle Abstract   PDF
Serge Jaumain
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) Conway, Alison – The Protestant Whore: Courtesan Narrative and Religious Controversy in England, 1680-1750 Details   PDF
Kathleen Lubey
Vol 47, No 95 (2014) Cook , Tim – Warlords: Borden, Mackenzie King, and Canada’s World Wars. Toronto: Allen Lane, 2012. Pp. 472. Details   PDF
Christopher Dummitt
Vol 38, No 75 (2005) Cook, Hera — The Long Sexual Revolution: English Women, Sex, and Contraception, 1800–1975 Details   PDF
David Levine
Vol 48, No 97 (2015) Co-operative Consuming: Ontario Beef Rings, 1899-1945 Abstract   PDF
Andrea M. Gal
Vol 34, No 67 (2001) Coordonner l'artisanat et le tourisme, ou comment mettre en valeur le visage pittoresque du Québec (1915-1960) Abstract   PDF
Nathalie Hamel
Vol 35, No 69 (2002) Cormac O'Grada — Black '47 and Beyond: The Great Irish Famine in History, Economy, and Memory Details   PDF
Donald Harman Akenson
Vol 39, No 78 (2006) Cosandey, Fanny (dir.) — Dire et vivre l’ordre social en France sous l’Ancien Régime Details   PDF
Jeremy Hayhoe
Vol 36, No 71 (2003) Covenanter Democracy: Scottish Popular Religion, Ethnicity, and the Varieties of Politico-religious Dissent in Upper Canada, 1815-1841 Abstract   PDF
Michael Gauvreau
Vol 45, No 89 (2012) Craig, Béatrice, Maxime Dagenais, Lisa Ornstein et Guy Dubay – The Land in Between: The Upper St. John Valley, Prehistory to World War I Details   PDF
Nicolas Landry
Vol 31, No 61 (1998) Craig Heron — The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History Details   PDF
David Camfield
Vol 28, No 55 (1995) Craig M. Cameron - American Samurai: Myth, Imagination, and the Conduct of Battle in the First Marine Division, 1941-1951. Details   PDF
Dean F. Oliver
Vol 35, No 70 (2002) Creating the Social Question: Imagining Society in Statistics and Political Economy in Late Nineteenth-Century Denmark Abstract   PDF
Anne Løkke
Vol 10, No 20 (1977) Crimes and Punishments in Eighteenth-Century France | The Example of the pays d'Auge Details   PDF
N. Mogensen
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) Cultural Stereotypes and Highland Farming in Eastern Nova Scotia, 1827-1861 Abstract   PDF
Alan MacNeil
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) Cultural Survival and Social Control: The Development of a Curriculum for Upper Canada's Common Schools in 1846 Abstract   PDF
James Love
Vol 29, No 58 (1996) Cultural Tourism, Commemorative Plaques, and African-Canadian Historiography: Challenging Historical Marginality Abstract   PDF
Owen Thomas
Vol 39, No 77 (2006) Culture, Canada, and the Nation Abstract   PDF
Barbara Lorenzkowski, Steven High
Vol 46, No 92 (2013) Curtis, Bruce – Ruling by Schooling Quebec: Conquest to Liberal Governmentality – A Historical Sociology Details   PDF
Kristina R. Llewellyn
Vol 48, No 97 (2015) Curtis, Daniel R. – Coping with Crisis: The Resilience and Vulnerability of Pre-Industrial Settlements. Farnham: Ashgate, 2014. Pp. 381. Details   PDF
Phillip Primeau
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) D. J. HALL.— Clifford Sifton. Volume I, The Young Napoleon, 1861-1900. Details   PDF
T. Regehr
Vol 14, No 28 (1981) D. M. PALLISER. — Tudor York. | CHARLES PHYTHIAN-ADAMS. — Desolation of a City. Coventry and the Urban Crisis of the Late Middle Ages. Details   PDF
Robert Tittler
Vol 34, No 67 (2001) D. P. (Pat) Stephens — A Memoir of the Spanish Civil War: An Armenian-Canadian in the Lincoln Battalion. Edited and with an Introduction and Afterword by Rick Rennie Details   PDF
Diane Labrosse
Vol 13, No 25 (1980) DALE MIQUELON. — Dugard of Rouen: French Trade to Canada and the West Indies, 1729-1770. Details   PDF
Jacques Mathieu
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) DANIEL FRANCIS et TOBY MORANTZ — Partners in Furs: A History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay, 1600-1870. Details   PDF
José Igartua
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) DAVID ALEXANDER. — The Decay of Trade, An Economic History of the Newfoundland Saltfish Trade, 1935-1965. Details   PDF
Roy George
Vol 11, No 22 (1978) DAVID B. KNIGHT. — A Capital for Canada: Conflict and Compromise in the 19th Century. | DAVID B. KNIGHT. — Choosing Canada's Capital: Jealousy and Friction in the 19th Century. Details   PDF
Michael J. Doucet
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) DAVID COLLIER. — Squatters and Oligarchs; Authoritarian Rule and Policy Change in Peru. Details   PDF
Peter Seaborn Smith
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) DAVID E. STANNARD. — The Puritan Way of Death: A Study in Religion, Culture and Social Change. Details   PDF
Peter J. King
Vol 16, No 31 (1983) DAVID ELTIS and JAMES WALVIN, eds. — The Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Origins and Effects in Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Details   PDF
Seymour Drescher
Vol 10, No 19 (1977) DAVID F. ALLMENDINGER, Jr. — Paupers and Scholars. The Transformation of Student Life in Nineteenth-Century New England. Details   PDF
David Keane
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) DAVID GAGAN. — Hopeful Travellers. Families, Land, and Social Change in MidVictorian Peel County, Canada West. Details   PDF
Julian Gwyn
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) DAVID H. FLAHERTY, ed.—Essays in the History of Canadian Law. Details   PDF
Linda Kealey
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) DAVID J. BERCUSON. — Fools and Wise Men: The Rise and Fall of the One Big Union. Details   PDF
Irving Abella
Vol 12, No 24 (1979) DAVID PHILIPS. — Crime and Authority in Victorian England: The Black Country, 1835-1860. Details   PDF
D.N. Sprague
Vol 41, No 81 (2008) DAVIES, Peter — The Debate on the French Revolution. Details   PDF
Rachel Hammersley
Vol 24, No 48 (1991) D.C.M. Platt, ed. - Social Welfare, 1850-1950: Australia, Argentina and Canada Compared. Details   PDF
Anthony Rasporich
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) DEBORAH GORHAM—The Victorian Girl and the Feminine Ideal. Details   PDF
Jane Lewis
Vol 40, No 79 (2007) DEGROOT, Gerard J. — The Bomb: A Life. Details   PDF
Judith Szapor
Vol 12, No 23 (1979) DENIS MONIÈRE. — Le développement des idéologies au Québec des origines à nos jours Details   PDF
Fernand Ouellet
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) DENISE LEMIEUX et LUCIE MERCIER — La recherche sur les femmes au Québec: bilan et bibliographie | YVAN LAMONDE, assisté de LUCIA FERRETTI et DANIEL LEBLANC — La culture ouvrière à Montréal (1880-1920): bilan historiographique Details   PDF
Andrée Lévesque
Vol 3, No 5 (1970) DENNIS BRAILSFORD. - Sport and Society: Elizabeth to Anne. Details   PDF
S. F. Wise
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) DESLANDRES, Dominique, John A. DICKINSON, and Ollivier HUBERT (dir.) — Les Sulpiciens de Montréal. Une histoire de pouvoir et de discrétion, 1657–2007 Details   PDF
Timothy Pearson
Vol 14, No 28 (1981) DESMOND MORTON with TERRY COPP. —Working People : An Illustrated History of Canadian Labour. Details   PDF
John Bullen
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) D.G. Bell (ed) — Newlight Baptist Journals of James Manning and James Innis. | George A. Rawlyk (ed) — The Sermons of Henry Alline. Details   PDF
John Moir
Vol 11, No 21 (1978) D.G. CREIGHTON. — The Forked Road: Canada 1939-1957. Details   PDF
Joseph Levitt
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) DIANE PAYMENT — Batoche (1870-1910). Details   PDF
Gilles Martel
Vol 19, No 37 (1986) D.J. HAu..- Clifford Sifton Vol. 2: A Lonely Eminence 1901-1929. Details   PDF
H. Neatby
Vol 16, No 32 (1983) DOLORES HAYDEN—The Grand Domestic Revolution: A History of Feminist Designs for American Houses, Neighborhoods, and Cities. Details   PDF
Ruth Roach Pierson
Vol 17, No 33 (1984) DOMINIQUE LERCH — Imagerie et société. L'imagerie Wentzel de Wissembourg au XIXe siècle. Details   PDF
J.-N. Biraben
Vol 43, No 86 (2010) DONAHUE, Charles Jr. — Law, Marriage, and Society in the Later Middle Ages: Arguments about Marriage in Five Courts. Details   PDF
Kirsi Salonen
Vol 15, No 29 (1982) DONALD AVERY. — "Dangerous Foreigners": European Immigrant Workers and Labour Radicalism in Canada, 1896-1932. Details   PDF
Ian Angus
Vol 15, No 30 (1982) DONALD H. AKENSON, ed. — Canadian Papers in Rural History. Details   PDF
Colin Read
Vol 17, No 34 (1984) DONALD H. AKENSON, ed. — Canadian Papers in Rural History, Volume IV. Details   PDF
J. Johnson
Vol 18, No 35 (1985) DONALD SUTHERLAND — The Chouans: The Social Origins of Popular Counter-Revolution in Upper Brittany, 1770-1796. Details   PDF
T. Le Goff
Vol 13, No 26 (1980) DOUGLAS MCCALLA. — The Upper Canada Trade 1834-1872: A Study of the Buchanans' Business. Details   PDF
J.K. Johnson
Vol 42, No 83 (2009) DUMMITT, Chris — The Manly Modern: Masculinity in Postwar Canada. Details   PDF
Elise Chenier
Vol 40, No 79 (2007) DURFLINGER, Serge Marc — Fighting from Home: The Second World War in Verdun, Quebec Details   PDF
Robert Lewis
Vol 40, No 80 (2007) DUVIOLS, Jean-Paul — Le miroir du Nouveau Monde. Images primitives de l'Amérique, Details   PDF
Stéphanie Chaffray
Vol 35, No 70 (2002) Dale M. Hellegers — We, the Japanese People: World War Two and the Origins of the Japanese Constitution Details   PDF
John S. Brownlee
Vol 31, No 62 (1998) Daniel Hickey — Local Hospitals in Ancien Régime France: Rationalization, Resistance, Renewal, 1530-1789 Details   PDF
D. Gillian Thompson
Vol 20, No 39 (1987) Daniel Hickey — The Coming of French Absolutism: The Struggle for Tax Reform in the Province of Dauphiné, 1540-1640. Details   PDF
William Beik
Vol 24, No 48 (1991) Daniel Roche - Les Républicains des lettres. Gens de culture et Lumières au XVIIIe siècle. Details   PDF
Kathleen Wellman
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) Danielle Juteau et Nicole Laurin — Un métier et une vocation. Le travail des religieuses au Québec, de 1901 à 1971 Details   PDF
Andrée Dufour
Vol 37, No 73 (2004) Danièle Bussy Genevois (dir.) — Les Espagnoles dans l'histoire : une sociabilité démocratique (XIXe-XXe siècles) Details   PDF
Michael Seidman
Vol 47, No 93 (2014) Daschuk, James – Clearing the Plains: Disease, Politics of Starvation, and the Loss of Aboriginal Life Details   PDF
Katya C. MacDonald
Vol 25, No 49 (1992) David Aers - Community, Gender, and Individual Identity. English writing, 1360-1430 Details   PDF
Edith Sylla
Vol 27, No 53 (1994) David B. Marshall - Secularizing the Faith: Canadian Protestant Clergy and the Crisis of Belief, 1850-1940 Details   PDF
Barry Moody
Vol 33, No 66 (2000) David Cannadine — The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain Details   PDF
Craig Heron
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